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Do not like Movies cut on Smart TV? Take solutions

Movies cut on Smart TV is a problem for every online movie viewer. This article will help to solve this issue for better viewership and enjoyment.

Movies cut on Smart TV: If when watching movies in streaming or online and they cut you, but do not worry because I will give you several solutions. You can be several problems, so I’ll tell you each one.

Online movies

It may be that when trying to stream some pages, whether they are legal or not, your online movies are cut off and this can be due to several reasons. By the way, if you can’t see them directly, look at the reasons why you can’t watch online videos .

One that is a problem with the web or the servers from which it serves you and in this case you can do little, other than wait , or if it is a payment, contact the customer service because there is content that you cannot see according to which countriesThe second thing that I recommend that you restart the Smart TV , because there may be another application that has been caught.

And finally, try restarting the router because many times they get blocked and stop serving the Internet to any device.

Network movies

Now most of the devices that we acquire such as Smart TV, computers, smartphones, tablets and others, come prepared to connect to others and share multimedia content and this is normally done through a technology called DLNA. For example, we have our computer where we have all our movies and instead of copying them to the hard drive every time we have a new one to watch on the Smart TV, what we do is share it on the network and thus it is played on TV without need for another device.

On the Smart TV we search for network devices and when it finds the pc, we can access everything we are sharing. So far so good, until after a few seconds of playback, the movie starts to cut and jumpsThis happens because some of the devices that make up that multimedia network do not give enough speed . This usually happens with high bitrate movies like HD.

In the previous example, we must take into account the speed of all the devices and today, if we want to have a wireless network, I recommend that each and every one of the devices be Wifi N or higherA network with Wifi N has a higher speed than we have had until now and allows us to share content without interruptions.

But there are several problems:

  • Most of the routers that ADSL companies usually give are b / g and they are not worth what we are talking about.
  • You would have to buy a router N or a modem router N. This has a lot more explanation and see if one of these days I’ll talk about it.
  • If any of the devices that make up the network is not N, the entire network slows down to one supported by all devices.

We have an example with the PS3. You can have at home an N router, smartphones, computers, Smart TV and others compatible with N network.

But if you want to connect the PS3 to the network, everything will become G if you have it in automatic, since the PS3 the maximum that gives is G. Or if you configure the router in N manually, the PS3 will not be able to connect to the Internet. Another thing is that you connect it by cable, but you must have the router nearbyYou may think… well, I connect everything to the router with cable and problem fixed, but you are wrong.

The routers have a low speed due to the cable outlet and according to the movie, you may also get cut and the solution would be to put a gigabit switchA gigabit switch is a device with many ethernet outputs and it simply ensures that 2 devices can communicate, but if a router has previously put them in contact. This works in the following way.

You connect the switch to the router.

It is necessary because the router assigns the IP addresses to all the devices.

When 2 devices want to connect.

For example the computer loaded with movies and your Smart TV.

The router will put them in contact, but the data will be sent between them through the switch, so there is no bottleneck, which will slow down the network. As you can see, it is not something simple, but it is not something that is so expensive either, because a switch is worth around 20 Euros.

The problem is that everything will go by cable and many people cannot put them because of how their house is structured. Setting up a Wifi N network is a good solution, but you have to take into account the factors that I mentioned before. The router we have, the compatibility of the devices, etc. At least if you try to share content online and it cuts you off, you know what it is.

Movies cut on Smart TV – No more

I hope that all this effort of  no Movies cut on Smart TV helped you solve the cuts of your movies series and you can finally enjoy them.

And if you have any questions, I’ll wait for you in the comments.