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Control the Kohler Stillness bath with your voice or the accompanying app

Kohler Stillness bath which can be called intelligent toilet .You can control this smart bathtub via an app or with your voice

Kohler Stillness bath with your voice – Every now and then we come across products that we would love to test. A smart speaker or video doorbell is easy to send, but in the case of a smart bathtub that is a bit more difficult. Does anyone have a bathroom left?

Meet the Kohler Stillness bath. You can control this smart bathtub via an app or with your voice in combination with Amazon Alexa. So you can fill the bath with the right warmth and depth with your voice. And do you really have too much money? Then opt for an upgrade with built-in lights and even a fog machine for extra atmosphere.

The Stillness bath belongs to the Kohler company, which you may also know from it intelligent toilet Numi. This toilet is equipped with surround speakers, lighting and you can adjust it completely to your liking with your voice via Amazon Alexa. And those who find the toilet seat cold can even opt for a heated toilet seat at the desired temperature.

Just pull the wallet …

Back to the smart bath. Kohler has several versions that should be available later this year. The basic version costs $ 8,698 and lets you set the depth and heat of the water yourself, but you still miss a lot of options. If you also want the fog machine and the ability to add aromas to the water, you have to pay a whopping $ 10,998. And if you really want the most luxurious version with lighting and all the bells and whistles, you have to hand over $ 15,998 to Kohler. This most luxurious version is available from October. The basic version and the version with fog machine will be released in July this year.

Unfortunately, Kohler’s smart bath will not appear in the Netherlands. The other smart products for the bathroom of the manufacturer have never appeared in the Netherlands. So we will have to stick to dreams for the time being. Oh, and start saving already. Check out the bath yourself on the Kohler’s website.