Clothes dryer: Recommended Tips for using

Clothes dryer:Recommended Tips included load capacity,choose the right program,sort the laundry well,proper cleaning of drum and body.

Clothes dryer: Recommended Tips for using – In order to protect the dryer, a few recommendations are mentioned below:

Clothes dryer:Tips for using

Sort the laundry well

Sort the laundry according to the care symbols on the textiles. Indeed, some textiles are not suitable for tumble dryers. Remember to empty the pockets of clothes and turn them over in order to avoid impacts (with buttons or metal objects) which can damage the walls of the drum.

Clothes dryer: Load well

It is important to respect the load capacity of the device. An overload will cause the laundry to dry improperly and the clothes will remain wrinkled. Dry heavy laundry first. A towel for example will require a longer drying time than a T-shirt. Laundry put in the dryer must first be well spun in order to limit power consumption and time.

Choose the right program

It is necessary to choose a program adapted to the type of laundry but also to the desired purpose (ironing, freshness, etc..
It is important to take care of the proper maintenance of the dryer: this is why cleaning the dryer filter is essential.
It is important after each use to clean the dryer filter in order to get rid of all the impurities present on the clothes. Thus allowing not to slow down the air flow in the drum.

Clean the drum : With soapy water

Clean the body and the gaskets : Use water and washing-up liquid. It is possible to use a few drops of white vinegar.

For a condenser dryer: It is important to empty the water collection tray after each use. It is also necessary to clean the condenser with the help of a vacuum cleaner.