CHOETECH MagSafe accessory : For the car, desk and more

Review: CHOETECH MagSafe accessory are reviewed here which include Wireless Charger, Car holder and charging cable so you can chose wisely

Review: CHOETECH MagSafe accessory: It wasn’t long ago that Apple introduced the new charging standard for iPhones, called MagSafe. A simple magnetic ring in the back of the iPhone and in the corresponding accessory product enables many new uses. Therefore, some third-party manufacturers are already romping on the market with new products. We have tested the current MagSafe accessories from CHOETECH for you and you can read our opinion here.

The manufacturer CHOETECH is no stranger . The company has been able to make a name for itself in the past few years, especially thanks to their powerful power packs, such as the CHOETECH 100W USB-C charger, which we have tested for you. Since the availability of MagSafe , CHOETECH has jumped on the bandwagon and now has several iPhone-specific products in its lineup. Today we are testing the magnetic wireless charger for the desk or bedside table , a MagSafe car holder and a MagSafe charging cable.

CHOETECH Wireless Charger: 2-in-1 MagSafe charger for the bedside table or the office

The first product can be used in several areas at the same time, it is an iPhone holder with charging function . In addition to the station and the mandatory instructions, you will actually receive a 30 watt USB C power supply including a suitable cable. We would like to emphasize this positively, as hardly any other charging station available on the market comes with a suitable and powerful power supply. In terms of quality, the magnetic holder also makes a positive impression.

The housing is made of gray plastic and the rod that holds the iPhone magnetically is made of metal and looks accordingly high-quality. An LED is installed on the front to visualize the charge status . On the back, the manufacturer integrated the USB C port from which the charging station receives its power.

We recommend only charging small products such as headphones on the underside

Let’s get straight to the most important point: usage and charging capacity . The integrated MagSafe magnets of the holder are stable enough to hold even a heavy and large iPhone 12 Pro Max including the case. You can use the smartphone in portrait or landscape format . This is a practical feature, especially for zoom calls in the home office or in the office. At the same time, your iPhone is charged wirelessly with up to 7.5 watts and therefore does not go empty during a call.

The charging speed of only 7.5 watts is also one of our  small points of criticism , as MagSafe theoretically supports up to 15 watts. Therefore, the charging station is definitely not the fastest, but the power is sufficient and the handling is convenient. An important advantage that is not immediately apparent: You can also charge wireless headphones such as AirPods on the holder. A small Qi coil for accessory products such as headphones is integrated in the base of the CHOETECH station. This could also charge a second smartphone, but we would not recommend it since only 2.5 watts are available here .

Finally, we would like to mention that the angle of the charging station can be adjusted. The MagSafe charging point can be tilted vertically as well as horizontally. This is a useful function if you are currently making a video call or if you want to read things more relaxed. Unfortunately , the general incline can only be adjusted slightly .

As a conclusion to the CHOETECH MagSafe charging station, we have a clear opinion: Good overall package, even if not with the best charging performance. If you are  looking for a complete bundle of charging station, cable and powerful USB C PD power supply, you will be well served with a price of 43.99 euros . Competing models are sometimes not cheaper, but do not have a corresponding power supply unit in the scope of delivery and often do not offer a charging option for AirPods. In our test, the holder worked reliably and the general loading speed was okay.

Car holder with MagSafe: The floating iPhone in the car

Commuters in particular spend a fair amount of life in their cars. Many kilometers are usually covered every day  . Thanks to hands-free systems, Apple CarPlay, voice assistants and other useful functions, the smartphone has become increasingly important in the car in recent years. A suitable holder for the best piece is therefore essential if, for example, the next trip on vacation is pending and you want to navigate with the smartphone. CHOETECH also has a corresponding magnetic model with MagSafe in its lineup.

The scope of delivery for this product is a bit spartan . In addition to instructions, there is only the holder itself in it. How it works is explained quickly and simply: To assemble, unscrew the clamp on the back a little, slide it into the desired  position of the ventilation grille of your car and then screw it tight. Thanks to a small rubber hook on the back, the magnetic holder does not slide forward and is securely in place .

Once that’s done, you can adjust the angle of the MagSafe puck . This sits on a ball head and can therefore be rotated and pivoted in any direction. This allows you to adjust the holder so that you have a perfect view of the smartphone and are distracted as little as possible while driving .

The MagSafe Puck is lightly rubberized so as not to scratch the back of your iPhone. Nevertheless, the smartphone can be turned in the holder with a light press of the finger and thus also used in landscape format. This is a particularly  useful feature for navigation applications. In contrast to other car mounts, the iPhone does not have to be awkwardly attached with two hands and it does not hang in the driver’s field of vision. Thanks to MagSafe, you simply hold the iPhone in front of the CHOETECH holder and it floats magnetically as if by magic .

Overall, we are really satisfied with the holder from CHOETECH. Only two little things bothered us . On the one hand, the model protrudes slightly into the interior of the vehicle due to the ball head and the screw mechanism, so it does not lie flat on the grille. On the other hand, the holder does not offer any charging option . Competitive models are provided with a USB C connection so that the iPhone can also be charged while driving. In return, the CHOETECH MagSafe car holder is fairly priced at 13.99 euros and is quite competitive.

CHOETECH MagSafe charging cable: A suitable 20 watt power supply is included

The last product in our test comes from the most famous MagSafe category: a  magnetic charging cable . Here, too, CHOETECH offers their own model. In addition to the operating instructions and the cable, the scope of delivery includes a compact 20 watt USB C power supply unit . This is really useful as the new iPhone 12 models no longer come with any. So you can quickly recharge your iPhone via FastCharge with the USB C to Lightning cable from Apple and the power supply from CHOETECH .

But actually it’s not about the power supply, but about the magnetic charging cable . It looks very similar to the Apple original and feels comparatively high-quality. The back is made of silver plastic with an aluminum look. Despite the plastic , the charging puck doesn’t feel cheap. We have one point of criticism here, however, because the entire back is printed with the technical data and loading speeds . It is not noticeable, but in our opinion it could certainly have been solved more beautifully.

Unfortunately, the maximum charging power is only 7.5 watts

The performance of the MagSafe charging cable is unfortunately also not great, because here too the model from CHOETECH unfortunately only supports 7.5 watts of charging power . This is okay, but the original from Apple achieves twice the performance as a peak value. So if you want to charge your iPhone quickly, you should do this with the included power adapter via Lightning. If you have a little more time or charge overnight , you are welcome to use the MagSafe charging cable from CHOETECH.

20W power supplies in comparison: CHOETECH on the left, Apple on the right

The charger combination is priced at around 25 euros . In our opinion, this price is justified by the included 20 watt power supply . So if you are faced with the purchase decision to buy a suitable quick charger for your iPhone, you are well advised with this combination. You get a compact 20 watt USB C power supply and an additional MagSafe charging cable, albeit only with 7.5 watts of charging power . If you are looking for even more unusual products and accessories, you should not ignore these Apple gadgets .

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