Car Thing is the new car gadget from streaming service Spotify

Car Thing is the new car gadget from streaming service Spotify however it is not available in the Europe right now and only available in US for now.

Car Thing is the new in-car audio attachment. Music streaming platform Spotify is known as software, but now it comes with hardware. The device should make it easier to operate Spotify to use. This way you can switch numbers more safely while you drive.

Car Thing

So it is not software like Android Auto, nor is it a comprehensive system like the infotainment systems that most modern cars already have. Car Thing is really about a physical device that you attach in the car (for example in the ventilation grid) and with which you can actually do little.

All you have is a touchscreen, a push button and a somewhat larger dial, plus four smaller buttons. The four smaller buttons are used to store your frequently listened items. Think of your favorite song or a particular podcast that offers you inspiration or focus. Furthermore, the buttons are used to skip a song or to scroll through a list.

Spotify in the car

It should in its simplicity improve safety in the car compared to using Spotify on an infotainment system or via the smartphone. After all, there is a good chance that when you look on your smartphone you will still read a message from another app. Moreover, the playback of Spotify on the smartphone is often a bit small. This allows you to see a lot more information at once, but in the car that need is of course very different.

You connect it to your phone and the speakers of your car (radio) with Bluetooth. It is also possible to plug in an auxiliary cable. The device can be controlled by speech. You shout ‘Hey Spotify’ and you can ask to play a particular song or turn on a specific podcast episode.

Not in Europe

Remarkably enough, the Swedish puts in Spotify at first precedence over the United States. In the first instance, it only comes out and only for a small group of Premium users. They get Car Thing for free, but eventually the device will be on the market for $ 80. Whether he will ever come to Europe is unknown.