BandWerk AirTag tag test: Customizable & with nappa leather

Review: BandWerk AirTag tag- Apple surprised many people with the relatively low price of the AirTags for 49 euros on the BandWerk website

Review: BandWerk AirTag tag- The AirTags have long been heard as rumors in the tech world. Now Apple has finally presented the small, practical Bluetooth tracker chips. However, if you want to hang an AirTag on your backpack, bike or keychain, you cannot avoid a corresponding tag. The German company BandWerk recently presented matching, high-quality pendants made of nappa leather; We tested them.

BandWerk – What started as a startup in 2015 has now become an established company in the smartphone and wearables accessories market. The manufacturer, based in Munich, offers various wallets and smartphone cases as well as Apple Watch bracelets. We have already tried these out in our separate BandWerk Apple Watch bracelet test . Depending on the collection, the company also offers original  leather from vintage cars  . Today’s test, however, revolves around the freshly released AirTag trailers.

Probably the highest quality packaging for an AirTag trailer: Our first impression

Even the packaging of the small tags trumps the original from Apple in terms of quality . The BandWerk AirTag tag will be delivered to you in a small black gift box, which is enclosed with a cord. Inside is a high-quality wooden box with the typical Bandwerk lettering. You can then use this as a jewelry box or to store your Apple Watch bracelets. But that’s not all, inside there is a small fabric bag , which is also provided with the BandWerk lettering.

The entire packaging is made without plastic and is really high quality

Only in this bag does the actual AirTag tag appear. In addition to this really unusual and reusable packaging without plastic and film, there is also a small BandWerk card . But now we come to the actual product, the AirTag trailer. BandWerk currently offers a black, a dark brown and a light brown color option. We tested the first two variants .

The first impression: extremely light and high quality! The AirTag trailer really surprised us. It is not particularly small , but pleasantly light. The leather makes a robust and high-quality impression. In addition to a 50 millimeter leather strap, a matching key ring is integrated on the top. If you want, you can also use the AirTag tag without a belt or ring , more on this in a moment .

small BandWerk logo  can be seen on the side with the opening  . The other side can be engraved with a monogram made up of a maximum of two characters for an additional charge of 9 euros. There are three options: gold, silver or “blind” (colorless). In our case, you can see the silver and gold option .

Purposes and possibilities: How suitable are the AirTag trailers for everyday use?

To use an AirTag in the BandWerk trailer, the company has come up with a practical solution . The leather strap is secured with a small screw and an integrated thread. If you open this screw, the leather strap can be completely removed and the AirTag inserted. If necessary, you can also use the AirTag tag without the additional loop and attach it directly to the eyelet. This opening also looks robust because it is provided with a metal ring .

Another advantage: If you put the enclosed leather strap back on, the AirTag cannot fall out or be lost under any circumstances . Due to the slightly adjusted size of the leather loop and the enclosed key ring, you have many options for attaching the AirTag to everyday objects. Classics such as the bunch of keys, the wallet or the suitcase are of course close to hand. However, you can also attach the AirTag tag to your backpack, a camera or many other everyday things.

The AirTag tag can also be used without the enclosed leather strap

BandWerk recommends observing a few things so that you can enjoy your handmade product for as long as possible . Since leather is a natural material, the manufacturer recommends not to let the AirTag tag get damp or wet and to keep it away from creamy or chemical substances . In our experience, however, the products from BandWerk, such as the wristbands for the Apple Watch, are much more robust and durable than expected.

Our conclusion: Not very cheap, but definitely a high-quality eye-catcher BandWerk AirTag tag

Apple surprised many people with the relatively low price of the AirTags , even the company’s own leather key fobs are sometimes more expensive than the tracker itself. You can get the BandWerk model for 49 euros on the BandWerk website. This is anything but cheap, but in view of the quality, the durability and the craftsmanship behind it, in our opinion a justified price. If you want, you can of course personalize the AirTag tag and give it away .