AirPower: everything about Apple’s wireless charging mat

AirPower is the name of Apple's wireless charging mat. With this white mat you have fewer cables on your desk because the charging works wirelessly.

Read all about AirPower, Apple’s wireless charging mat here. Which devices does AirPower work with, how does it work? You will receive answers to all your AirPower questions!

AirPower is the name of Apple’s wireless charger that should be released in 2018. Unfortunately, Apple officially canceled the AirPower at the end of March 2019, because the product does not meet their quality standards. With the AirPower charging mat you can charge your iPhone , Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously. In this article you can read an explanation about the AirPower charging mat and with which other devices it works.

Note: The production of the AirPower has been officially discontinued by Apple. The AirPower will no longer appear in stores.

What exactly is AirPower?

AirPower is the name of Apple’s wireless charging mat. With this white mat you have fewer cables on your desk because the charging works wirelessly. Of course you still have to connect AirPower to the socket with a cable, but charging the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods then goes completely wireless. You just have to put them on the mat. This only applies to newer devices from the iPhone 8 .

Apple unveiled AirPower on September 12 at its fall 2017 event . Since then we have been waiting for the official introduction. Is waiting for the AirPower taking too long? 

What is the status?

Apple promised that the AirPower would be on the market in 2018, but it failed. There are several indications that the company has encountered technical problems. However, Apple refuses to provide more details about the accessory, even off-record. In fact, Apple removed virtually all information about the AirPower from its website in September 2018, giving the impression that the product has been canceled . At the same time, there are indications that Apple is still working. This is how the AirPower is mentioned in the booklets that come with the iPhone XS and iPhone XR .

In January 2019, rumors circulated that Apple has started production of AirPower and that the product will be in stores soon.


How does it work?

With AirPower you can charge your iPhone without the need for a special cover. The device must lie with the screen up on the mat and have a glass back. It does not work for devices with an aluminum back.

Does it work with covers?

Charging also works through some cases , such as the new Leather Folio and Apple’s silicone and leather cases.

What is the technology behind?

AirPower uses inductive charging according to the Qi standard . This standard was drawn up by the Wireless Power Consortium , a partnership of which Apple is a member .

With Qi, an electromagnetic field ensures the transfer of energy from the charger to the device. When you put your iPhone on the charger, it receives an electrical signal and is checked for (technical) suitability. If the device is suitable, AirPower will start charging.

Can you also fast charge with it?

Apple has provided few technical details. According to previous rumors, fast charging only works if you use a Lightning cable and not with wireless charging . The Qi specification supports wireless charging at a maximum power of 15 Watts. Apple has opted for a maximum of 7.5 Watts with wireless charging.

Is my iPhone suitable for AirPower? And can you charge two iPhones at the same time?

There are only three models of the iPhone suitable for AirPower: the iPhone 8 , iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X . These devices have a special glass back and internal hardware to enable wireless charging.

An iPhone with an aluminum back is therefore not suitable. It also does not help to provide your current iPhone with a glass back, because the internal technology is lacking.

You can also charge multiple iPhones at the same time, as many iPhones as fit on the mat. But the more devices at the same time, the slower charging can be.

Which Apple Watch models are compatible?

To be able to charge your smartwatch wirelessly on AirPower, you will need an Apple Watch Series 3 . It doesn’t work with previous models, even though the earlier Apple Watch instances can charge wirelessly with the included charger. However, a different technique is used.

How does it work with AirPods?

You can only charge the AirPods if you have a special charging case. So it won’t work with the charging case that came with the AirPods so far . Also, you cannot place your AirPods separately on the mat to charge. They should be in the new cover, with the cover charging itself and passing the charge on to the separate earpieces.


This special charging case is not yet available. The box may be on the market in 2018, simultaneously with the AirPower itself. Apple has not yet provided details on pricing and availability.

Can I charge my iPad wirelessly? Or my MacBook and Beats earbuds?

Current iPads are not suitable. It remains to be seen whether that will change in the future, since an iPad with an all-glass back is probably too fragile and too heavy. Furthermore, the iPad would immediately take up the entire AirPower mat, so you cannot charge other devices.

The same goes for the MacBooks , Beats earbuds, or non-Apple accessories. They are not suitable and will probably not be possible to adjust afterwards.


Do devices from other brands work with AirPower?

This is another big question mark. Apple has indicated that iPhones will also work with other chargers that meet the Qi standard. For example those of Belkin, Mophie, Anker and other brands . 

The question is whether it also applies the other way around: whether smartphones from other brands can be charged. For now it seems that Apple is still working on making the it fully compatible with Qi.

What is the AirPower charging mat price and availability?

Unfortunately, Apple has not yet released any further details on this, but has only said that it will be released in the course of 2018. According to rumors, the AirPower in September 2018 on the market. The price of the is also not yet known.